Physical Benefits of Foot Massages

Physical Benefits of Foot Massages

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Benefits of Foot Massage

Did you know that the bones of the feet make up a quarter of the human skeleton? It must be said that this small part of the body is brought to bear all the weight! Walking, running, or standing: the feet are put to the test every day. Therefore, it is essential to give your foot special care, such as foot massage.

In some civilizations, especially Hindu and Chinese, the different reflex zones of the foot are directly linked to our main organs, including vital organs: heart, lungs, kidneys. Foot massages, therefore, have multiple health benefits that go well beyond the relaxation they provide.

Foot massage, also called plantar reflexology, has many advantages. It is an alternative medicine commonly used to loosen muscles and release tension. Just like facial reflexology, palmar reflexology (hands), or even auricular reflexology (ear), plantar reflexology contributes to the restoration of the functioning of the organism.

What is foot massage or foot reflexology?

Foot reflexology has existed and has been practiced in China for about 5,000 years. This method with many virtues constitutes a source of remarkable fulfillment for those who benefit from it. Even though the technique is applied to the feet, it helps rid the whole body of various ailments that the organs are constantly suffering from.

The art of massaging the feet

You have certainly experienced this situation. After a long day of walking, you have only one desire: to take off your shoes to massage and relieve your painful feet. However, it should be remembered that self-massage, even when performed well, does not provide the same sensation as plantar massages performed by professionals who put into practice proven techniques. To take the help of professional foot massage services, contact massage center Dubai.

Foot massage is a spa treatment that reactivates blood circulation and relieves the joints or feelings of heaviness. It is ideal after exercise, but also in sedentary people subject to significant stress because it promotes relaxation and nervous balance. Plantar massages are therefore an integral part of any beauty and health routine, thanks to their numerous effects on physical and mental well-being.

History and interest of plantar reflexology

Although it appeared in India several thousand years ago, plantar reflexology experienced considerable development under the impetus of the precepts of Chinese medicine. Inspired by acupuncture, this science is based on a holistic approach, that is to say, taking into account the body in its entirety. Thus, the stimulation of different areas of the foot, each linked to a

specific organ, provides an overall benefit. The massage emphasizes the meridians and acupuncture points of the foot in order to improve the circulation of energies and support the body’s self-healing capacities.

Dubai massage center Deira uses a relaxing and medical technique that is based on the stimulation of the organs via reflex zones. These areas are located on the arch of the foot and are used during a massage session.

Foot massage uses the principles of reflexology! Indeed, having access to all organs, foot massage has rebalancing functions on vital functions. It is a so-called “soft” medicine. It is for this reason that we say of the feet that they hold strategic points:

  • The toes stimulate nerve endings.
  • The left foot is the point that stimulates the heart.
  • The right foot is that of the liver and stomach.
  • The arch of the foot is the point of the intestines and peritoin organs.
  • The ankles represent the reproductive organs.

By way of example, massaging the neck’s reflex zone makes it possible to soothe tensions in said zone. In addition, a massage below the toes where the sinus reflex points are located can stimulate them if they are congested. Whether or not you believe in Chinese medicine, foot massages have many benefits.

Benefits of foot massages

On our feet rests all the body burden throughout the day. However, our feet generally do not have the opportunity to breathe because of the shoes. This is why it is necessary to offer them a well-deserved moment of relaxation by massaging them regularly. Foot massage serves both mental and physical benefits. Avail the foot massage services from the Indian massage center in Dubai in order to gain both mental and physical benefits of foot massage therapy.

  • From a mental point of view, this gesture contributes to the evacuation of stress and relaxation. Result? Less negative thoughts!
  • On a physical level, this practice relaxes the muscles and prevents muscle disorders, especially in the back.

Physical Benefits of Foot Massage

The feet contain a multitude of nerve endings, and it is for this reason that this area is so receptive to massages and treatments. In addition, it allows you to evacuate the tensions and stress accumulated in your day, but also to reject your negative emotions for almost total relaxation! It is, therefore, natural that a foot massage will promote your sleep. In addition,

the complete massage of this part of the body helps stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage! It also helps to flush out accumulated toxins and impurities.

Foot massages have multiple physical benefits since they are stimulating, relaxing, and rebalancing, as shown below:

Benefit # 1: Nerve and blood stimulation

The foot is the place where many nerve endings connected to all parts of the body can be found. Therefore, properly massaging your feet is a good way to fuel and stimulate these nerve endings and keep them alert. If you want to stimulate your nerves and blood with foot massage, visit the spa center in Dubai.

In addition, a prolonged and repeated massage of the arch of the foot promotes blood circulation as well as lymphatic drainage. For example, if you are a victim of heavy legs, promoting venous return, massage the feet will alleviate this unpleasant sensation.

Benefit # 2: Relaxing the muscles and nerves

The delicate and prolonged passage of the fingers on the arch of the foot promoting nervous and muscular relaxation. So, just like back massage, a foot massage helps relieve stress and reduce fatigue.

This is important because the feet are usually compressed and abused in rigid shoes (especially women with heels). Because the shoes lack flexibility, the feet need to be massaged. It is therefore important to give time to foot reflexology. You can do it yourself (self-massage), using a foot massage device, or even through therapists such as massage therapists of the Kerala massage center in Karama Dubai.

Benefit # 3: Rebalance of body functions

In Chinese medicine, the exercise of repeated pressure on the reflex points makes it possible to act on the body’s energy by restoring physiological well-being and emotional balance. This technique acts on the nerve endings in order to recreate a certain harmony between the vital organs.

Foot massage: how to proceed?

The goal of a foot hot massage in Dubai is to release knots and tensions to relieve dysfunctions of the body. A thorough reading of reflexology guides will allow you to familiarize yourself with these gestures, which will help you to massage your feet yourself.

It is also possible to massage your feet using massage balls, whether or not equipped with spikes. Like the massager, they allow you to explore different areas of the foot and take action where necessary. One major drawback, however: this self-massage requires your attention, and it is of little help to massage your feet while doing another activity (reading, tv,

radio, etc.). Therefore it is imperative to take the help of foot massage professionals in the Kerala massage center in the international city Dubai.

Discover the best massage 

Finally, it is possible to do plantar reflexology sessions with a massage center in Dubai. A competent therapist will help you understand what the reflex zones that make you react to correspond to, and he will act on them.

The main disadvantage remains the cost of these numerous sessions, which is necessarily higher than a massage ball or a foot massager. However, there are many cheap massage centers in Dubai that offer foot massage services at an affordable price.

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