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Welcome to Ayurvedic Massage Center in Dubai. Sky Kottakkal Massage Center stands for professional massage service in your journey towards maximum immunity optimum health and happiness. We offer the traditional Indian system of massage therapy and traditional Indian oil Marma and Kalari oil massage and Kizhi.


Ayurvedic massage is the sheer pleasure of an indulgent body massage that is deeply soothing. One main aspect of ayurvedic therapy is Ayurvedic massage, culminating in a profound art of calming the body and mind by the practitioner’s mindful awareness and touch. During the massage, the peaceful approach and comfortable state will promote disturbed sleeping habits and offer a general feeling of well-being and oppose the impacts on the body and mind of daily tension and strains. Furthermore, in silence, the massage is offered, meaning the massage therapist will be silent and music will only be played on request. Before your care, your ayurvedic massage treatment will begin with a quick and confidential consultation and pulse reading that will take about 5 minutes. This is meant to describe your desires and priorities and will help me to customize the massage to your needs.

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How Does Ayurvedic Massage Work?

For thousands of years, people have practiced Ayurvedic medicine, and many believe this custom to have major benefits. To better understand their effectiveness, new scholars have started to investigate these traditional practices. In one sample, researchers observed 10 women and 10 men’s pulse rate, blood pressure, and stress levels before and after undergoing an hour of therapy with Abhyanga (traditional Ayurvedic oil massage). During the procedure, the patients’ heart rates and cortisol levels were greatly decreased. However, there was a decrease in blood pressure only for participants who had prehypertension. What this means is that if they are out of balance, Ayurvedic massage will put bodies into balance but may not tend to lead to unnecessary changes in those who are still in good health, such as decreased blood pressure. Centered on the elements of water, earth, fire, and air, Ayurvedic practitioners group people into three major groups. An individual can also be defined as a mix of two components. In very general terms, each category is related to certain body types and health tendencies.

  • Kapha, the water/earth element, is linked to a large body shape, and obesity may be a concern for some.
  • Pitta, the fire element, is often associated with a medium body shape. Some individuals may experience digestive issues.
  • Vata, the air element, is linked to a thin body type. Those who are categorized as such may have trouble absorbing certain nutrients.

Those that have an excess of energy in one region or part can find that this massage technique may help them find greater balance and become better able to handle the impact on the typical function of this imbalance.

The Benefits Of Ayurvedic Massage

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